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Princeton 2012-13 Women's Basketball Princeton Game-by-Game Highs (as of Aug 14, 2013) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ at Saint Joseph's 11/11/12 69-59 W 14-Rasheed, Nive 8-Rasheed, Nive 4-Rasheed, Nive 4-Rasheed, Nive 1-Wheatley, Ale Polansky, Lau at MARIST 11/17/12 45-56 L 12-Bowen, Megan 10-Rasheed, Nive 3-Rasheed, Nive 2-Polansky, Lau 1-Berntsen, Ama Smith, Mariah Wheatley, Ale RIDER 11/20/12 88-42 W 17-Rasheed, Nive 11-Rasheed, Nive 4-Rasheed, Nive 3-Polansky, Lau 1-Wheatley, Ale Smith, Mariah Wheatley, Ale Wheatley, Ale Rasheed, Nive Dietrick, Bla at UC Riverside 11/23/12 72-68 W 19-Rasheed, Nive 12-Rasheed, Nive 7-Rasheed, Nive 4-Rasheed, Nive 2-Smith, Mariah at UCLA 11/25/12 52-65 L 17-Rasheed, Nive 8-Wheatley, Ale 3-Wheatley, Ale 4-Wheatley, Ale 1-Smith, Mariah Dietrick, Bla Bowen, Megan Polansky, Lau Miller, Miche Bowen, Megan RUTGERS 11/29/12 71-55 W 17-Wheatley, Ale 9-Polansky, Lau 7-Polansky, Lau 3-Polansky, Lau 1-Helmstetter, Dietrick, Bla UMBC 12/02/12 93-46 W 13-Miller, Kate 13-Bowen, Megan 5-Rasheed, Nive 2-Rasheed, Nive 2-Wheatley, Ale Smith, Mariah HOFSTRA 12/05/12 84-54 W 23-Rasheed, Nive 11-Polansky, Lau 7-Helmstetter, 3-Polansky, Lau 1-Miller, Kate Smith, Mariah Helmstetter, Wheatley, Ale Rasheed, Nive Polansky, Lau Williams, Tay at Delaware 12/9/12 58-59 L 15-Rasheed, Nive 9-Rasheed, Nive 4-Smith, Mariah 3-Rasheed, Nive 2-Smith, Mariah Helmstetter, Dietrick, Bla at Villanova 12/12/12 54-61 L 15-Rasheed, Nive 7-Rasheed, Nive 5-Rasheed, Nive 2-Dietrick, Bla 1-Dietrick, Bla Bowen, Megan Polansky, Lau at Illinois State 12/19/12 67-50 W 21-Rasheed, Nive 10-Rasheed, Nive 4-Bowen, Megan 3-Helmstetter, 3-Smith, Mariah at DePaul 12/21/12 75-86 L 21-Rasheed, Nive 12-Rasheed, Nive 6-Rasheed, Nive 3-Rasheed, Nive 2-Helmstetter, DREXEL 12/31/12 74-59 W 22-Rasheed, Nive 8-Rasheed, Nive 3-Dietrick, Bla 5-Dietrick, Bla 1-Williams, Tay Miller, Kate Miller, Kate NAVY 01/08/13 70-50 W 18-Rasheed, Nive 11-Rasheed, Nive 4-Rasheed, Nive 6-Rasheed, Nive 1-Bowen, Megan Bowen, Megan PENN 01/12/13 77-47 W 14-Bowen, Megan 6-Rasheed, Nive 9-Dietrick, Bla 3-Miller, Kate 3-Wheatley, Ale Dietrick, Bla Rasheed, Nive at Cornell 02/01/13 77-46 W 21-Rasheed, Nive 8-Polansky, Lau 5-Dietrick, Bla 3-Bowen, Megan 2-Polansky, Lau Miller, Kate at Columbia 2/2/13 87-41 W 15-Rasheed, Nive 16-Rasheed, Nive 5-Rasheed, Nive 3-Miller, Kate 1-Smith, Mariah Wheatley, Ale Wheatley, Ale at Brown 02/09/13 68-37 W 12-Bowen, Megan 9-Rasheed, Nive 7-Polansky, Lau 6-Rasheed, Nive 3-Miller, Miche at Yale 2/10/13 99-53 W 29-Rasheed, Nive 12-Rasheed, Nive 4-Polansky, Lau 2-Polansky, Lau 1-Polansky, Lau Helmstetter, Rasheed, Nive Smith, Mariah Dietrick, Bla Helmstetter, DARTMOUTH 02/15/13 77-65 W 25-Rasheed, Nive 12-Rasheed, Nive 4-Helmstetter, 3-Rasheed, Nive 2-Wheatley, Ale HARVARD 02/16/13 67-51 W 19-Dietrick, Bla 10-Rasheed, Nive 5-Smith, Mariah 5-Rasheed, Nive 1-Helmstetter, Polansky, Lau Wheatley, Ale Smith, Mariah COLUMBIA 02/22/13 98-36 W 21-Miller, Miche 7-Rasheed, Nive 5-Helmstetter, 4-Rasheed, Nive 5-Williams, Tay Wheatley, Ale CORNELL 02/23/13 59-34 W 14-Rasheed, Nive 9-Helmstetter, 5-Rasheed, Nive 5-Rasheed, Nive 2-Wheatley, Ale
Princeton 2012-13 Women's Basketball Princeton Game-by-Game Highs (as of Aug 14, 2013) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dietrick, Bla Helmstetter, at Harvard 3/1/13 55-58 L 18-Helmstetter, 11-Rasheed, Nive 2-Dietrick, Bla 2-Miller, Kate 1-Wheatley, Ale Smith, Mariah Dietrick, Bla at Dartmouth 3/2/13 68-60 W 21-Bowen, Megan 10-Rasheed, Nive 3-Helmstetter, 5-Rasheed, Nive 1-Polansky, Lau Rasheed, Nive YALE 03/08/13 77-44 W 21-Rasheed, Nive 8-Rasheed, Nive 7-Rasheed, Nive 5-Polansky, Lau 1-Rasheed, Nive Polansky, Lau BROWN 03/09/13 80-51 W 14-Rasheed, Nive 9-Rasheed, Nive 5-Rasheed, Nive 2-Rasheed, Nive 1-Helmstetter, Helmstetter, Berntsen, Ama Miller, Kate Bowen, Megan at Penn 3/12/13 60-44 W 13-Rasheed, Nive 10-Bowen, Megan 3-Rasheed, Nive 2-Polansky, Lau 2-Rasheed, Nive Helmstetter, Dietrick, Bla Miller, Kate vs Florida State 3/24/13 44-60 L 9-Rasheed, Nive 9-Helmstetter, 3-Bowen, Megan 3-Rasheed, Nive 1-Rasheed, Nive Dietrick, Bla Rasheed, Nive Polansky, Lau Rasheed, Nive