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Your Guide to the Ivy League Women's Lacrosse Tournament

By: Princeton Athletic Communications
          Release: 04/23/2012
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Courtesy: Princeton Athletic Communications

Who has been eliminated?
Columbia at 0-7, Yale at 2-5 and Brown at 1-5 have been eliminated.

What games are left to play?
Wednesday, Princeton hosts Penn at 7 p.m. Friday, Harvard hosts Dartmouth at 7 p.m. Saturday, Brown hosts Cornell at 12 p.m.

What does getting the No. 1 seed mean?
The school that gets the No. 1 seed will host the Ivy League Tournament on May 4 & 6.

What does being tied for first in the final regular season standings mean?
The team or teams with the best record will be crowned the Ivy League champion. This year that could be one team or up to five teams. The Ivy League tournament champion gets just that title and league's automatic bid. They are not considered the Ivy League champion - that is bestowed to the regular season champion(s).

What happens if Princeton beats Penn, Cornell wins and Harvard loses?
Dartmouth would be the No. 1 seed with a 6-1 record. Harvard at 4-3 would be out. Penn, Cornell and Princeton would all be 5-2. The first tie-breaking procedure is head-to-head, but all three teams would be 1-1 against each other. The next tie-breaker is record against the highest seed outside of the tie. In this case it would be Dartmouth. Princeton would be the No. 2 seed because it beat Dartmouth. Penn and Cornell both lost to Dartmouth, so it would go back to head-to-head giving Penn the No. 3 seed and Cornell No. 4 based on Penn's win over Cornell.

What happens if Princeton beats Penn, Cornell loses and Harvard wins?
Cornell would be eliminated. Dartmouth, Penn, Harvard and Princeton would all be tied at 5-2. Going head-to-head Harvard and Princeton would both be 2-1; while Dartmouth and Penn would be 1-2. Harvard would be the No. 1 seed because of its head-to-head over Princeton, making Princeton the No. 2 seed. Dartmouth would be the No. 3 seed because of its head-to-head over Penn, making Penn the No. 4 seed. (figure 1)

What happens if Princeton loses to Penn?
Princeton would be eliminated from the tournament. Even if both Cornell and Harvard lose, they both would get the tie-breaker over Princeton because both beat Princeton.

What happens if Princeton, Cornell and Harvard all win?
There would be a five-way tie for first place at 5-2. Oddly enough that means all five teams would be named Ivy League champion. Head-to-head everyone is even. Record against the next highest seed would be irrelevant as all five beat Brown, Columbia and Yale. The next tiebreaker would be goal differential against each other. This can't be determined obviously since the final three games haven't been played. However as this point this would be the order - taking into consideration Cornell is the only team to have played the other four: Cornell +4, Dartmouth +1, Penn E, Princeton -1, Harvard -4. If the order holds true, after the three games, Cornell would be the No. 1 seed. Now that the highest seed has been determined, we go back to head-to-head (see figure 1). Harvard would be No. 2, Princeton No. 3 and Dartmouth No. 4. Penn would be eliminated.







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