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In Wide Open Field, Tigers Will Compete For 10th Ivy Title, NCAA Berth

By: Princeton Athletic Communications
          Release: 05/16/2013
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Princeton will compete for its 10th Ivy League title Sunday on Cooper River.
Courtesy: Princeton Crew


Whether it is Sprints or the Ivy League Championships, this league regatta is annually considered a wide-open competition, even when one program comes in as the favorite. So what happens when there is no favorite, when every boat has suffered at least one defeat at the hands of an Ivy League rival?

We’re about to find out.

The second Ivy League Women’s Rowing Championship will be held Sunday, May 19, on Cooper River in Pennsauken, N.J. Each of the eight league schools will be battling for more than just an Ivy League title; the winner will receiver an automatic qualification to the 2013 NCAA Championships.

Princeton will compete for its 10th Ivy League Championship and will enter the varsity eight competition as the top seed among a loaded field of contenders. To show how close the field is, though, you need only to look at the top three seeds.

No. 1 Princeton defeated No. 2 Yale, which defeated No. 3 Radcliffe, which defeated No. 1 Princeton.

In other words, it’s anybody’s championship.

If anything, Radcliffe may be the team that comes in as the favorite, simply based on its championship experience from the 2012 Ivy Sprints. The Crimson was seeded even lower last season, but it came away with an impressive victory atop Cooper River.

“Every Ivy boat has shown promise at the top level,” said head coach Lori Dauphiny. “It is my belief that we have improved, but I know everybody else has as well. The kids are doing the right things. They’re fighters.”

Princeton has showed plenty of fight since its loss to Radcliffe on the Cayuga Inlet last month. Since then, the Tigers have gone 5-0, including an 8-second win over Yale and a 12.5-second win over Michigan in the season finale.

“While I’m not sure losing can ever be a blessing, it definitely honed our focus,” junior Angie Gould said, referring to the April 13 loss. “It forced us to realize what works and what doesn’t and I think we’re more prepared because of it.”

Gould could be one of six returning rowers from the varsity eight that felt the disappointment from the 2012 gold medal final, when Princeton finished third behind both Radcliffe and Cornell.

“I’m really excited for this weekend,” Gould said. “I didn’t finish how I wanted to last year and so I’m excited for the opportunity to do it differently. We’ve been counting down the days for a long time now.”

The varsity eight heats will be held at both 9:30 and 9:40 am, and those will conclude the morning session of competition. Princeton will enter at least five boats into the field (a V4C will compete if enough enter), and four will compete in the morning. The V4B prelims will be held at 8:30 and 8:40, followed by the V4A at 8:50 and 9:00. The 2V will go at 9:10 and 9:20, and the 1V will follow.

The finals will begin at 3:05 with the V4C (if held), and the third varsity will follow. The 3V will be the top seed after a 10-0 season, and will compete at 3:20 for a third straight Sprints gold. Both Brown and Radcliffe pushed the 3V during the season, and those two boats hold the next two seeds.

The 4B final will be held at 3:45, and Princeton is seeded first in that field. The Tigers went 10-0, though Yale was within five seconds during the Eisenberg Cup weekend. Harvard is the second seed, while third-seeded Yale is the reigning V4B Ivy champ.

The final three boats to compete will consist of those hoping to continue their seasons at the NCAA Championships regatta. Princeton will be the third seed in the V4A field (4:10 grand final) after losses this season to both Brown (six seconds) and Radcliffe (3.7 seconds). Radcliffe is the reigning champion in the event, while Princeton will be looking for its second fours title in the last 15 years.

The second varsity is 9-1 on the season and 7-0 in the Ivy League; its lone loss came in the season opener to an Ohio State boat that will be among the favorites at the NCAA Championships in two weeks. Princeton, the top seed, will be looking for its 12th 2V title, as well as its fourth in a row.

“The 2V is a feisty boat,” Dauphiny said. “They have had a nice season. We’ve had some changes, but the1V and 2V have both been really resilient.”

While all of those boats will factor into the overall Team Trophy, which Princeton won at the inaugural Ivy Sprints last year, the Sally P. Shoemaker Trophy — and a ticket to Indianapolis for the 2013 NCAA Championships — will go to the winner of the 5 pm varsity eight final.

IVY CHAMPIONSHIPS HEAT/FINALS: Princeton's Lane Assignments

1V • Heat #1 at 9:30 am (3 to final) • Grand Final at 5 pm
Heat (Lanes 2-5): Columbia, Princeton, Brown, Penn

2V • Heat #1 at 9:10 am (3 to final) • Grand Final at 4:35 pm
Heat (Lanes 2-5): Brown, Princeton, Cornell, Penn

V4 • Heat #2 at 9 am (3 to final) • Grand Final at 4:10 pm
Heat (Lanes 2-5): Princeton, Radcliffe, Cornell, Columbia

3V • Grand Final at 3:20 pm
Final (Lanes 1-6): Penn, Radcliffe, Princeton, Brown, Cornell, Yale

V4B • Heat #1 at 8:30 am (3 to final) • Grand Final at 3:45 pm
Heat (Lanes 2-5): Cornell, Princeton, Dartmouth, Penn

V4C • Grand Final at 3:05 pm
Final (1-6): Penn, Cornell, Princeton, Radcliffe C, Brown, Radcliffe D


Varsity Eight (9-1, 6-1 Ivy)
March 30: Princeton 6:40.7, Ohio State 6:43.8, Brown 6:44.5
April 6: Princeton 7:08.38, Columbia 7:19.92
April 13: Radcliffe 6:11.7, Princeton 6:13,9, Cornell 6:25.9
April 20: Princeton 6:08.6, Yale 6:17.2
April 27: Princeton 6:24.2, Dartmouth 6:39.1, Penn 6:44.0, Tennessee 6:46.0
May 4: Princeton 6:32.0, Michigan 6:44.5

Second Varsity Eight (9-1, 7-0 Ivy)
March 30: Ohio State 6:51.4, Princeton 6:56.5, Brown 7:09.6
April 6: Princeton 7:31.63, Columbia 7:53.99
April 13: Princeton 6:18.4, Radcliffe 6:23.4, Cornell 6:32.4
April 20: Princeton 6:16.9, Yale 6:26.8
April 27: Princeton 6:24.2, Dartmouth 6:39.1, Penn 6:44.0, Tennessee 6:46.0
May 4: Princeton 6:40.6, Michigan 6:55.3

Varsity Four (7-3, 5-2 Ivy)
March 30: Brown 7:52.9, Ohio State 7:57.8, Princeton 7:58.9
April 6: Princeton 8:01.54, Columbia 8:03.74
April 13: Radcliffe 7:11.4, Princeton 7:16.1, Cornell 7:19.2
April 20: Princeton 7:13.5, Yale 7:16.8
April 27: Princeton 6:39.8, Dartmouth 6:46.3, Tennessee 6:59.7, Penn 7:10.7
May 4: Princeton 7:42.2, Michigan 7:47.3

Third Varsity Eight (10-0, 7-0 Ivy)
March 30: Princeton 7:10.7, Brown 7:18.7, Ohio State 1N 7:45.3
April 6: Princeton 7:40.76, Columbia 7:53.99
April 13: Princeton 6:41.1, Radcliffe 6:49.9, Cornell 7:05.9
April 20: Princeton 6:23.9, Yale 6:50.9
April 27: Princeton 7:39.7, Penn 7:41.8, Dartmouth 7:51.1, Tennessee 7:56.8
May 4: Princeton 7:06.5, Michigan 1N 7:18.5

Varsity Four B (10-0, 7-0 Ivy)
March 30: Princeton 7:50.5, Ohio State 8:00.3, Brown 8:26.6
April 6: Princeton 8:56.42, Columbia 9:30.10
April 13: Princeton 7:15.3, Radcliffe 7:23.9, Cornell 7:32.7
April 20: Princeton 7:08.9, Yale 7:14.0
April 27: Princeton 7:41.2, Dartmouth 7:51.0, Tennessee 7:55.5, Penn 8:03.6
May 4: Princeton 7:44.8, Michigan 7:50.0








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