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Q&A with Softball's Lizzy Pierce on Sports Illustrated Internship

By: Princeton Athletic Communications
          Release: 01/20/2012
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Lizzy Pierce was an intern at Sports Illustrated last summer.
Courtesy: Princeton Athletic Communications

Princeton junior outfielder Lizzy Pierce completed an internship at Sports Illustrated in summer 2011. A first-team All-Ivy League selection last spring, Pierce first appeared in the magazine a year ago with her memorial to teammate Khristin Kyllo, who passed away in January 2011. Here, Pierce answers a few questions about her internship.

How did you find out about the SI internship?

Last fall semester, Princeton offered a journalism class taught by Jon Wertheim, a senior writer for Sports Illustrated. I took this class and absolutely loved it. Some time during the semester, Professor Wertheim sent links for editorial internships to the class. Among these was a link to the SI internship.

What was the application process like and how did you find out you were chosen?

I think it was like most application processes. I sent in my resume along with a couple writing samples. I did an interview, and then got a call a couple weeks later. I was in the middle of class when they called, but it was pretty much the best voicemail I've ever received.

What are some things you did there of which you're particularly proud? 

As an editorial intern, I did a lot of fact-checking and interviewing. Sports Illustrated does everything in its power to make sure every word in every issue is true. To guarantee this, my fellow interns and I were part of the fact-checking chain. We called sources, read through media guides, double-checked, and then triple-checked every fact in order to uphold the long-standing integrity of the magazine. Alongside fact-checking, I worked on a project with Peter King that came out a couple weeks ago. For the project, I interviewed former NFL players and asked them about their post-career health. It was extremely exciting and and the highlight of my internship.

What was your favorite aspect of the internship?

The fact that my whole day revolved around sports was fantastic. My first week of the internship happened to be the NBA Finals. It was great to be at work surrounded by people who lived and died on the outcome. I'm not a huge soccer fan, but watching the Women's World Cup was so exciting in that environment as well. That being said, the people at SI were the best part of my internship. They were extremely fun, easygoing, nice beyond belief, and just knew anything and everything about sports. Also, living in New York City was pretty awesome.

Did being a Princeton student help you while you were there? 

I think Princeton really teaches its students the value of time management and hard work, two things that were vital to success at SI. While the people at SI were amazing and the environment was very welcoming, journalism is fast-paced, especially at a weekly publication. The internship was nine weeks of hard work, but completely worth it. It was a wonderful summer and I would recommend interning at SI to anyone.

How does the internship relate to your career goals?

After college, I would love to work in sports. I'm not sure what part of sports media or sports management I want to pursue, but I know interning as SI was a good step in whatever direction I ultimately choose. Sports Illustrated is truly a model magazine that has a history of excellence. During my internship, I gained invaluable experience concerning journalism and everything sports-related. As I begin the internship application process again, I am so proud to put Sports Illustrated on my resume.







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