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The Princeton women's soccer team at the French Football Federation offices.
Courtesy: Princeton Athletic Communications

Women's Soccer Takes Visit to French National Youth Soccer Camp

By: Princeton Athletic Communications
          Release: 03/21/2014
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The Princeton women's soccer team is spending its spring break in Paris. Members of the team will send a blog entry each day to be posted on the women's soccer page at GoPrincetonTigers.com.

Day 7 by junior Liana Cornacchio

Today we started the day off with our standard delicious breakfast in the hotel, and then headed off to the French Football Federation (FFF) by metro. The French Football Federation is in charge of all soccer in France, from the amateur level up through the national team. Whilst there we met the CE in the conference room where he gave us a presentation on what the FFF is all about. While we were all sitting in our important conference room chairs, Darcy [Hargadon] tried to squirt some water out of her water bottle into her tiny little cup and managed to spill the water all over her intercom and the table. Post clean up and presentation we headed upstairs and toured the rest of the FFF headquarters. It was really awesome to see the business side of the soccer in the entire country. We saw the World Cup trophy, which France won in 1998, in the President’s office. After our tour, we went next door and raided the France shop and bought out most of their gear.

We then ate lunch, and had a much-needed nap before heading southwest of Paris into the national forest to Clairefontaine, the national training center for the youth French national teams. Clairefontaine consists of a group of young girls and boys who are chosen to live on the campus and train to become pro players in next few years. They go to school for some hours during the day then play soccer all night – we all decided that it was awesome and we would be those girls in our next lives. We got a tour of the campus and then headed to the beautiful field for our third and final game against the U18 French national team. It was once again an honor to be on the field with such an elite group, and we are one game closer to competing for the Ivy League title next year! It was a privilege to be able to play with women of such caliber this week, and it is an invaluable lesson that will help us along the road. Again, so grateful for the hospitality and warm welcome we have received here.

Our post game meal was… you guessed it, Pizza Hut! Es ordered far too many veggie pizzas, but we were far too hungry to car. We then spent some quality bonding time together, and headed to bed for ready for an early Friday start. Day 8 we will be headed to the U.S. Embassy to meet with Princeton alum, [Minister Counselor for Political Affairs] Jonathan Cohen ’85. Stay tuned!

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