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Women's Basketball Pre-Tournament Presser

By: Princeton Athletic Communications
          Release: 03/19/2011
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Senior Krystal Hill at the afternoon presser
Courtesy: Princeton Athletic Communications

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Princeton Press Conference Quotes

March 19, 2011

Princeton Head Coach Courtney Banghart

Opening statement:

"I first want to say how happy we are to be here, this is obviously a premier event in college athletics and one that we're thrilled to be a part of. We're also proud to be here, we set this goal early on in our journey last March that we wanted to have the chance to make right the wrong that we thought we had last year, not playing as well as we could have. When you set those goals you set them with the expectation that no matter what, you're going for them. This group has dealt with a lot of adversity, I'm sure those questions will come regarding some of the injuries that we have gone through. My assistant coach is actually at home for the weekend because she just had a baby, so we are also understaffed. So we could start throwing out all of the adversity, but like I said, when you set goals you set them no matter what happens and the fact that these guys reached their goals is something that I'm real proud of. The second time around I think it will go a lot better."

On possibly being second Ivy League team to win a game in NCAA Tournament:

"I don't even think my kids know that there's only been one Ivy League team that has had a win in the tournament on the women's side. I don't think they see themselves as an Ivy League team, they see themselves as the Princeton Tigers. History doesn't really mean much to this group, they're a young team. Hopefully every coach here realizes that they have a chance, there are no free passes, if there was, we would find one, but there are no free passes to get here so you have to earn it and it's a long journey. This is a battle-tested group, they've brought back a lot from last year's team, they have enormous pride, not only Princeton, but in the work that they've done. So do I think we have a chance? Yes, I can find better things to do with my weekend than come down and lose a basketball game.  We're here to win and Princeton expects it.

On the team's momentum:

"We have been talking basically since we got here, which we actually came in here together, and our first game in orange and black together was at Maryland, at this gym, in the first round of the NIT. We kind of feel like it's a good place for us to be now. We have talked since we got here that it's one game at a time and you only focus on the thing you're doing, so you have to take that both ways, the good and the bad. We don't really build on momentum. Every game is a chance to compete finally against someone besides ourselves because we compete pretty hard in practice. It's a chance to do what these kids love, to play together.  We will take whatever advantages we can have but I don't know if momentum is one of them."

On Georgetown being similar to previous teams played:

"I think too, we have scheduled by design a pretty tough schedule. Of the nine teams that are in post-season we are six and three, arguably seven and two, if you want to count the Rutgers, the end of that game. These guys are battled and I think that's by design. USC is a really big line up that plays, has a big name. You have Wake Forest who challenges over 94 feet like Georgetown will. You have our league rival in Harvard, who has a lot of pride in their tradition. We hope we take bits of everything for this tournament and that's what makes this tournament so great is that every team has gone on a really long journey. I hope we have prepared them well with our scheduling and these guys have found a way to win all year and I expect nothing but tomorrow."

On keys to the game:

"We have to make sure the game is played within the lines, that all of the excitement is used as energy and not as a distraction. We have to be able to contain their pressure. We also have to, whenever you play against a team that has the quickness and strength that Georgetown does, we are going to have to be able to rebound the ball. I am really fortunate that I am around not only really great kids, but really selfless. That can be a really great thing obviously the other 140 days of the season, but on game days you hope they will take open shots. These guys have come far and it's time now to shine. We are going to get open shots in their pressure because I think we will contain ourselves and contain their pressure well, but we are going to have to take open shots. I think when you are playing against the speed of a team like this you don't get three good shots a possession, so I hope our trigger is a little bit quicker than it usually is and we have to force them to defend us. I don't think they are looking forward to that. We share the ball well, we shoot the ball well, so I think we have to force them to chase us around a little bit and looking forward to doing that."

Senior Guard Addie Micir

On leadership experience/guiding freshmen:

"Coach talked a little bit to us before we came down here, just saying that we're a really experience team now and the only people that don't know what this is going to be like is the freshmen. We tried to take them under our wing all year and tell them, not only what the Ivy League is like, but also what the tournament is like. I think they're ready for it, they're going through their first tournament jitters a little bit, but I think they'll be ok."

On combating Georgetown:

"We know that Georgetown has good, quick guards, but we've really been focusing on us too, it's been a big thing throughout this week, is what do we do and what did we do all year that got us here. So we've been working on that too and I think we'll be ready to play tomorrow."

On Georgetown being similar to previous teams played:

"Well clearly, Rutgers at the beginning of the year. They have very quick, athletic guards and they are an athletic team all together, but that would be one that reminds me the most of them. We went out there and battled against Rutgers too, so that's what we're expecting."

Senior Guard Krystal Hill

On combating Georgetown:

"They are a quick, trapping team and they play really up tempo, and we do too, we play up tempo as well, but we don't trap as much. We're preparing for that and we're working on our press break. I think we'll be prepared to play them tomorrow at 2."








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