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Kristi Hakman '92 is one of only six Ivy League players to be named to the First Team four times.
Courtesy: Princeton Athletic Communications

Volleyball All-Ivy League Honorees

By: Princeton Athletic Communications
          Release: 08/20/2013
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Volleyball All-Ivy League Honorees

Year      First-Team         Second-Team    Honorable Mention
1978 Patricia Hannigan Nancy Nicholson  
  Kathy Reeves    
  Katie Wilson    
1979 Patricia Hannigan   Lewanda Hartman
  Renata Sos    
  Katie Wilson    
1980 Janet Miller   Nancy Nicholson
      Michelle Williams
1981 Janet Miller Nancy Nicholson  
  Michelle Williams    
1982 Janet Miller    
  Michelle Williams    
1983 Julie Cochran Lisa Greenburg  
  Cindy Kendall    
  Michelle Williams    
1984 Michelle Haueter    
  Ruth Heller    
  Cindy Kendall    
  Michelle Williams    
1985 Cindy Kendall Lisa Greenburg Justine Koeppen
  Stephanie Rubin    
1986 Stephanie Rubin   Dana Wheeler
1987 Ruth Heller Stephanie Rubin Dana Wheeler
    Kelly Sather  
1988 Kristi Hakman Stephanie Rubin Kelly Sather
1989 Kristi Hakman*    
1990 Kristi Hakman   Kelly Sather
1991 Kristi Hakman   Melanie Hunter
1992 Katie Orr    
1993 Candice Pearson Kristin Spataro  
1994 Ayesha Attoh Stephanie Edwards  
  Kristin Spataro  Candice Pearson  
1995 Ayesha Attoh     
   Stephanie Edwards    
  Kristin Spataro    
1996 Ayesha Attoh    Melissa Ford
   Rose Kuhn    
1997 Ayesha Attoh* Lowen Cattolico  
  Stephanie Edwards Rose Kuhn  
1998 Rose Kuhn Melissa Ford  
     Sabrina King  
1999 Melissa Ford Emily Brown  
  Sabrina King    
2000 Sabrina King* Emily Brown  
2001 Kellie Cramm   Abby Studer
2002 Kellie Cramm Michelle Buffum Jenny Senske
  Abby Studer    
2003 Alex Brown Kellie Cramm Jenny McReynolds
  Lauren Grumet   Jenny Senske
2004 Alex Brown Lauren Grumet  
    Jenny McReynolds  
2005 Jenny McReynolds Parker Henritze Jenny Senske
2006 Lindsey Ensign* Bailey Robinson  
  Parker Henritze    
2007 Lindsey Ensign* Sheena Donohue Jenny McReynolds
  Parker Henritze*    
  Bailey Robinson    
2008 Lindsey Ensign* Sheena Donohue Cathryn Quinn
  Parker Henritze* Bailey Robinson  
2009 Sheena Donohue   Cathryn Quinn
      Lydia Rudnick
2010 Cathryn Quinn   Hillary Ford
  Lydia Rudnick*    
2011 Cathryn Quinn* Ginny Willis Hillary Ford
  Lydia Rudnick*    
2012 Kendall Peterkin Tiana Woolridge Ginny Willis
  Lydia Rudnick*    
2013 Cara Mattaliano   Tiana Woolridge
2014 Kendall Peterkin*   Brittany Ptak
  Nicole Kincade    

* — unanimous selection







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