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I first came to Princeton in 1993, in the role of the director of studies at Mathey College.  Prior to that, I had been teaching history and interdisciplinary social sciences at schools such as the University of Chicago, University of California-San Diego, and Smith College.  I also spent a post-doc year in Berlin—my field of research being German intellectual/cultural history in the 18th century and after.

Beginning around 2000, the residential college staffs were expanded and I became the dean at Mathey, which meant that I spent a portion of my time coordinating a three-person team (dean, director of studies, director of student life) whose goal is to support the academic, social and personal experience of all the undergrads who live in, or are affiliated with, that college.  It’s been a great experience and especially in light of the fact that I have such great colleagues to work with here and the students themselves bring so many talents, interests, and diverse backgrounds and perspectives to what they do.

Outside my dean’s role, I have a range interests: reading broadly (both in my research field and beyond), attending operas and classical music concerts with my wife, cooking, gardening, and travel.  But what has enabled me to genuinely appreciate being an Academic-Athletic Fellow to the men’s soccer team is that, in a totally amateur way, I’ve kept up a regular exercise routine (jogging, gym workouts, swimming, & stationary biking).  So when I see how hard the guys work in practice and on the field, and what skill and passion they bring to the game, I’m greatly impressed.  It’s also been a genuine pleasure to get to know some of the team members personally and to see the intelligence and dedication they bring to their academic work.  It informs what I do in my everyday role as a residential college dean.

Position: Academic Athletic Fellow