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Current Academic-Athletic Fellows

By: Princeton Athletic Communications
          Release: 04/01/2015
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Current Academic-Athletic Fellows

 • Benefits of the Fellows Program
 • Academic-Athletic Fellows



Isabelle Clarke-Deces (Men's and Women's Water Polo)

Chemical and Biological Engineering:

Rodney Priestley (Men's and Women's Track & Field/Cross Country)

James Wei (Men's and Women's Crew)


Robert Cava (Swimming and Diving)

Robert L'Esperance (Women's Lacrosse)

Josh Rabinowitz (Water Polo)

Jeffrey Schwartz (Water Polo)

Martin Semmelhack (Men's Tennis)

Erik Sorensen (Crew)

Comparative Literature:

Tom Hare (Men's Lacrosse)

Computer Science:

Barbara Engelhardt (Women’s Water Polo)

David Walker (Men's Hockey)

Council of the Humanities:

John McPhee (Men's Lacrosse)

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology:

Lars Hedin (Women's Ice Hockey)

Robert Pringle (Volleyball)

Corina Tarnita (Volleyball)

Eileen Zerba (Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving)


Swati Bhatt (Wrestling)

Beth Bogan (Men's and Women's Crew)

Hank Farber (Men's and Women's Ice Hockey)

Gene Grossman (Men's Basketball and Football)

Oleg Itskhoki (Tennis)

Greg Kaplan (Men's Soccer)

Alan Krueger (Men's Tennis)

Electrical Engineering:

Paul Cuff (Football and Volleyball)

Jason Fleischer (Men's Swimming and Diving)

Sanjeev Kulkarni (Football)

Mansour Shayegan (Men's and Women's Squash)

Naveen Verma (Women’s Squash)


Sarah Anderson (Swimming and Diving)

Jill Dolan (Women's Tennis)

Bill Gleason (Baseball)

Jeff Nunokawa (Football)

Kristen Starkowski (Women’s Basketball)


Adam Maloof (Baseball)

Greg van der Vink (Men's and Women's Crew)


James Rankin (Football, Men's and Women's Crew, Men's and Women's Track & Field/Cross Country)

Brigid Doherty (Women's Soccer)


Jeremy Adelman (Men's Volleyball)

Margot Canaday (Women’s Lacrosse)

Alec Dun (Men's and Women's Tennis)

Tera Hunter (Women's Tennis)

Emmanuel Kreike (Fencing)

Kevin Kruse (Basketball)

Michael Laffan (Squash)

Teresa Shawcross (Crew)

Robert Tignor (Football)

Sean Wilentz (Baseball)

Julian Zelizer (Men's Basketball and Football)

Lewis Center for the Arts:

Chang-Rae Lee (Men's and Women's Golf)


Nick Katz (Water Polo)

John Stogin (Fencing)

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering:

Craig Arnold (Men's Track & Field/Cross Country)

Mikko Haataja (Women's Ice Hockey)

Luigi Martinelli (Men's Ice Hockey)

Clarence Rowley (Men's and Women's Crew)

Howard Stone (Women's Basketball)

Molecular Biology:

Phil Felton (Men's and Women's Track & Field/Cross Country)

Karen Malatesta (Men's Track & Field/Cross Country and Women's Golf)

Aleks Snyder (Swimming and Diving)

Shirley Tilghman (Women's Basketball)

Near Eastern Studies:

Norman Itzkowitz (Fencing)

Operation Research and Financial Engineering:

Amir Ali Ahmadi (Men's Tennis)

Frank Fabozzi (Wrestling)

Alain Kornhauser (Men's Ice Hockey)

John Mulvey (Men's and Women's Golf)


Hans Halvorson (Crew)


David Huse (Men's and Women's Crew)

Plasma Physics:

Philip Efthimion (Men's and Women's Fencing)

Neil Pomphrey (Men's Squash)

Andrew Zwicker (Women's Soccer)


Christopher Achen (Men's Ice Hockey)

Harold Feiveson (Men's Basketball)

Helen Milner (Women's Golf)

Kris Ramsay (Baseball)

Jacob Shapiro (Women's Soccer and Crew)

Princeton Environmental Institute:

Katharine Hackett (Field Hockey)

Greg van der Vink (Men's and Women's Crew)


Barry Jacobs (Men's and Women's Golf and Sprint Football)

Michael Litchman (Football)

Jordan Taylor (Football and Men's Squash)

Alexander Todorov (Women’s Open Rowing)


Eric Gregory (Football)

Jeff Stout (Men's Soccer)


Miguel Centeno (Wrestling)

Adam Eitel (Men's Soccer)

Tom Espenshade (Men's Basketball)

Rachael Ferguson (Men's Basketball)

Patricia Fernandez-Kelly (Football)

Spanish and Portuguese Languates and Culture:

Bruno Carvalho (Women's Soccer)

Theater in the Lewis Center for the Arts:

Stacy Wolf (Women's Basketball)



Admissions Office:

Logan Powell (Women's Track & Field/Cross Country)

Terri Riendeau (Volleyball)


Gary Walters (At-Large)

Butler College:

David Stirk (Women's Golf)

Career Services:

Pulin Sanghvi (Football)

Center for Jewish Life:

Marni Blitz (Men's Soccer)

Center for the Study of Religion:

David Miller (Football and Wrestling)

Community and Regional Affairs:

Kristin Appelget (Crew)

Community Based Learning Initiative:

Trisha Thorme (Women's Ice Hockey)

Forbes College:

Patrick Caddeau (Men's Basketball and Women's Soccer)

Mathey College:

Matthew Frawley (Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving)

Steven Lestition (Men's Soccer)

McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning:

Lisa Herschbach (Women's Swimming and Diving)

Office of Alumni Affairs:

Jen Caputo (Women's Squash)

Office of the Dean of the College:

Luisa Duarte-Silva Barry (Field Hockey)

John Luria (Fencing)

Clayton Marsh (Wrestling)

Office of the Dean of the Faculty:

Debbie Prentice (Women's Volleyball)

Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students:

Alexis Andres (Women's Swimming/Diving)

Bryant Blount (Men's and Women's Basketball)

Amy Ham Johnson (Women's Squash)

Tori Jueds (Men's Ice Hockey)

Jeanne Laymon (Football)

Alison Nabatoff (Women's Soccer)

Mike Olin (Women's Golf)

Momo Wolapaye (Football and Men's Basketball)

Office of Development:

Alexis Brock (Softball)

Steve Staples (Wrestling)

Office of the General Counsel:

Ramona Romero (Field Hockey)

Office of Technology and Licensing and Intellectual Property:

John Ritter (Wrestling)

Office of the Provost:

Laurel Harvey (Women's Golf)

Kevin Hudson (Football)

Paul LaMarche (Men's Ice Hockey)

Katherine Rohrer (Women's Squash)

Office of the Registrar:

Polly Griffin (Women's Ice Hockey)

Office of the Vice President for University Services:

Amy Campbell (Men's and Women's Crew)

PACE Center for Civic Engagement:

Evan Schneider (Field Hockey)

Public Affairs:

Karen Jezierny (Women's Soccer and Women's Basketball)

Public Safety:

John Barbour Jr. (Men's Lacrosse)

Kevin Creegan (Softball)

Jim Lanzi (Football)

Ken Samuel (Football)

David Trioche (Wrestling)

Jason Vacirca (Wrestling)

Religious Life:

David Buschman (Women's Golf)

Sexual Harassment/Assault Advising Resources and Education Office (SHARE):

Jackie Deitch-Stackhouse (Men's Soccer)

Shawn Maxam (Men’s Heavyweight Crew)

Whitman College:

Rebecca Graves-Bayazitoglu (Women's Soccer)

Justin Lorts (Swimming and Diving and Football)

Wilson College:

Anne Caswell-Klein (Softball)

Women’s Center:

Amada Sandoval (Women's Track & Field)

Woodrow Wilson School:

Gene Grossman (Men's Basketball and Football)

Oleg Itskhoki (Men's Tennis)

Stan Katz (Football)

Alan Krueger (Men's Tennis)

Karen McGuinness (Softball)

Writing Program:

Nimisha Barton (Women’s Track & Field/Cross Country)

Patty Kennedy (Women's Lacrosse)

Patrick Moran (Men's Lacrosse)

Erin Vearncombe (Women's Soccer)

Dov Weinryb Grohsgal (Men's Basketball)







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