Current Academic-Athletic Fellows

By: Princeton Athletic Communications
          Release: 12/02/2013
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Current Academic-Athletic Fellows

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Princeton Academic-Athletic Fellows

Christopher Achen, Social Sciences, Politics - Men's Ice Hockey

Jeremy Adelman, History and Spanish Civilization and Culture - Men's Volleyball

Sarah Anderson, English and the Council of the Humanities - Swimming and Diving

Alexis Andres, Butler College - Women's Swimming/Diving

Kristin Appelget, Community and Regional Affairs - Crew

Craig Arnold, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering - Men's Track & Field/Cross Country

John Barbour Jr., Public Safety - Men's Lacrosse

Nimisha Barton, History – Women’s Track & Field/Cross Country

Elie Bercuson, Center for Jewish Life - Men's Hockey

Swati Bhatt, Economics - Wrestling

Bryant Blount, Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students - Men's and Women's Basketball

Beth Bogan, Economics - Men's and Women's Crew

David Buschman, Religious Life - Women's Golf

Patrick Caddeau, Forbes College - Men's Basketball

Bob Callahan, Former Head Coach of Men's Squash - Men's and Women's Diving

Amy Campbell, University Services - Men's and Women's Crew

Margot Canaday, Associate Professor of History – Women’s Lacrosse

Bruno Carvalho, Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures - Women's Soccer

Anne Caswell-Klein, Wilson College - Softball

Robert Cava, Chemistry and Princeton Materials Institute - Swimming and Diving

Miguel Centeno, Sociology and International Affairs - Wrestling

Isabelle Clarke-Deces, Anthropology - Men's and Women's Water Polo

Sarah Coleman, History - Men's Basketball

Kevin Creegan, Public Safety – Softball

Paul Cuff, Electrical Engineering - Football

Jackie Deitch-Stackhouse, SHARE Office - Men's Soccer

Brigid Doherty, Germanic Language and Literatures - Women's Soccer

Jill Dolan, English and Theater in the Lewis Center for the Arts and Program Gender and Sexuality Studies - Women's Tennis

Luisa Duarte-Silva Barry, Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures - Field Hockey

Alec Dun, History - Men's and Women's Tennis

Philip Efthimion, Astrophysical Sciences - Men's and Women's Fencing

Barbara Engelhardt, Computer Science – Women’s Water Polo

Tom Espenshade, Sociology - Men's Basketball

Frank Fabozzi, Operation Research and Financial Engineering - Wrestling

Hank Farber, Economics - Men's and Women's Ice Hockey (on Leave through Jan. 1, 2015)

Harold Feiveson, Energy and Environmental Studies - Men's Basketball

Phil Felton, Molecular Biology - Men's and Women's Track & Field/Cross Country

Patricia Fernandez-Kelly, Sociology and Director of Program in Latino Studies - Football

Jason Fleischer, Electrical Engineering - Men's Swimming and Diving

Matthew Frawley, Mathey College - Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving

John Gager, Religion - Women's Soccer and Women's Track and Field

Bill Gleason, English - Baseball

Rebecca Graves-Bayazitoglu, Whitman College - Women's Soccer

Eric Gregory, Religion - Football

Polly Griffin, Office of the Registrar - Women's Ice Hockey

Gene Grossman, Economics and International Affairs - Men's Basketball and Football

Mikko Haataja, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering - Women's Ice Hockey

Katherine Hackett, Princeton Environmental Institute - Field Hockey

Hans Halvorson, Philosophy - Crew

Tom Hare, Comparative Literature - Men's Lacrosse

Laurel Harvey, Office of the Provost - Women's Golf

Lars Hedin, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Princeton Environmental Institute - Women's Ice Hockey

Lisa Herschbach, Wilson College - Women's Lacrosse

John Hodgson, Forbes College - Women's Track & Field/Cross Country

Tera Hunter, History and African American Studies - Women's Tennis

David Huse, Physics - Men's and Women's Crew

Oleg Itskhoki, Economics and International Affairs - Men's Tennis

Norman Itzkowitz, Near Eastern Studies - Fencing

Barry Jacobs, Psychology - Men's and Women's Golf and Sprint Football

Karen Jezierny, Public Affairs - Women's Soccer and Women's Basketball

Tori Jueds, Dean of Undergraduate Students Office - Men's Ice Hockey

Greg Kaplan, Economics - Men's Soccer

Nick Katz, Mathematics - Water Polo

Patty Kennedy, Writing Program - Women's Lacrosse

Matt Kinsey, Office of the Executive Vice President - Men's Soccer

Alain Kornhauser, Operation Research and Financial Engineering - Men's Ice Hockey

Emmanuel Kreike, History - Fencing

Alan Krueger, Economics and Public Policy - Men's Tennis

Sanjeev Kulkarni, Electrical Engineering - Football

Paul LaMarche, Office of the Provost - Men's Ice Hockey

Jim Lanzi, Public Safety - Football

Chang-Rae Lee, Creative Writing - Men's and Women's Golf

Robert L'Esperance, Chemistry - Women's Lacrosse

Steven Lestition, Mathey College - Men's Soccer

Jonathan Levy, History - Baseball

Michael Litchman, Psychology - Football

Justin Lorts, Whitman College - Swimming and Diving and Football

John Luria, Dean of the College Office - Fencing

Karen Malatesta, Molecular Biology - Men's Track & Field/Cross Country and Women's Golf

Adam Maloof, Geosciences, Baseball

Clayton Marsh, Dean of the College Office - Wrestling

Luigi Martinelli, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering - Men's Ice Hockey

Shawn Maxim, SHARE – Men’s Heavyweight Crew

Karen McGuinness, Woodrow Wilson School - Softball

Diane McKay, Dean of the College Office - Football and Women's Basketball

John McPhee, Council of the Humanities - Men's Lacrosse

David Miller, Religion - Football and Wrestling

Helen Milner, Woodrow Wilson School - Women's Golf

Patrick Moran, Writing Program - Men's Lacrosse

John Mulvey, Operation Research and Financial Engineering - Men's and Women's Golf

Jeff Nunokawa, English - Football

Mike Olin, Wilson College - Women's Golf

Neil Pomphrey, Plasma Physics - Men's Squash

Logan Powell, Undergraduate Admissions - Women's Track & Field/Cross Country

Debbie Prentice, Psychology - Women's Volleyball

Rodney Priestley, Chemical Engineering - Men's and Women's Track & Field/Cross Country

Robert Pringle, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology - Volleyball

Josh Rabinowitz, Chemistry and the Lewis Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics - Water Polo

Kris Ramsay, Politics - Baseball

Jamie Rankin, German - Football, Men's and Women's Crew, Men's and Women's Track & Field/Cross Country

Terri Riendeau, Admissions Office - Volleyball

John Ritter, Office of Technology Licensing and Intellectual Property - Wrestling

Katherine Rohrer, Vice Provost for Academic Programs - Women's Squash

Clarence Rowley, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering - Men's and Women's Crew

Ken Samuel, Public Safety - Football

Amada Sandoval, Women's Center - Women's Track & Field

Pulin Sanghvi, Career Services – Football

Evan Schneider, PACE Center – Field Hockey

Jeffrey Schwartz, Chemistry - Water Polo

Martin Semmelhack, Chemistry - Men's Tennis

Jacob Shapiro, Politics - Women's Soccer

Mansour Shayegan, Electrical Engineering - Men's and Women's Squash

Aleks Snyder - Molecular Biology - Swimming and Diving

Erik Sorensen, Chemistry - Crew

Steve Staples, Leadership Gifts - Wrestling

David Stirk, Butler College - Women's Golf

John Stogin, Mathematics - Fencing

Howard Stone, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering - Women's Basketball

Jeff Stout, Religion - Men's Soccer

Jordan Taylor, Psychology - Football

Trisha Thorme, Community Based Learning Initiative - Women's Ice Hockey

Robert Tignor, History - Football

Shirley Tilghman, Molecular Biology - Women's Basketball

Alexander Todorov, Psychology – Women’s Open Rowing

David Trioche, Public Safety - Wrestling

Jason Vacirca, Public Safety - Wrestling

Greg van der Vink, Geosciences - Men's and Women's Crew

James Wei, Chemical Engineering - Men's and Women's Crew

Dov Weinryb Grohsgal, Writing Program - Men's Basketball

Sean Wilentz, American Studies Program – Baseball

Momo Wolapaye, Office of the Dean of Undergratuate Students – Football

Stacy Wolf, Theater in the Lewis Center for the Arts - Women's Swimming and Diving

Julian Zelizer, History and Public Affairs - Men's Basketball and Football

Eileen Zerba, Princeton Environmental Institute - Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving

Andrew Zwicker, Science Education, Plasma Physics Lab - Women's Soccer











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