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Princeton - North Carolina Quotes

By: Princeton Athletic Communications
          Release: 11/18/2012
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Princeton Head Coach Kristen Holmes-­Winn

"It definitely has not sunk in yet. I'm so proud of the Tigers, they represent everything that's pure in intercollegiate athletics. They are incredible competitors on and off the field, and I'm so happy they have the opportunity to feel what it's like to be number one."

"To beat North Carolina full-­‐strength is a huge challenge, but to do it accessing the depth on the bench the way we did is a product of our team's hard work and preparation."

"We approached this game the same way we approached Maryland. This was our moment, our chance, our opportunity, and we had to seize every chance we got."

Princeton senior forward Kathleen Sharkey

"It's just an amazing feeling right now. It was a complete team effort, and it makes it that much sweeter knowing that everyone contributed. "

"UNC is a tremendous team; we knew that going in. We needed to focus on their strongest players. It was a long game, but we persisted and found ways to put the ball in the net."

"Those last few moments went by very slowly on the clock. We realized how close we were, and we weren't going to let the title slip away."

Princeton junior back Amanda Bird

"This is just unreal right now. My heart is still racing. A school like Princeton deserves the best, and I think we proved today that our team really had it all."

"It wasn't the best stroke I've ever taken, but I was relieved. I mean it was the game-­‐ winning goal, so how could I not be happy?"

"We have an amazing attack, we have midfielders that can score, strikers who work so well together, and we came through in those clutch moments when we needed to." 



North Carolina Head Coach Karen Shelton

"We want to congratulate Princeton on a stellar year. I thought both teams fought incredibly hard. I'm incredibly proud of our kids and our effort. We had a really good year. I'm disappointed with the loss, but you win some and you lose some."

"I think they played some outstanding defense. They really were good. If we played them again, who knows what would happen, but we were two very evenly matched teams."

"I'm excited for the future. We have some young talent coming back, but these two captains [Van Sickle and Kolojejchick] are world-­‐class and irreplaceable."

North Carolina senior back Caitlin Van Sickle

"It's an honor to be in one NCAA Championship game, let alone four. I'm happy for the one we have under our belt, but I would've liked to get this one too."

"I didn't know how much playing time I would get coming to UNC in the first place, but it has exceeded my expectations in every way."

North Carolina senior midfielder Kelsey Kolojejchick

"It slipped away from us. It's hard when you're that close three years in a row. We had chances though."

"The fact that we made four straight championship round appearances, not many players can say that. It's just unfortunate we fell short in our last year." 








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