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Third-Seeded Menís Lights Hope To Ride Momentum To Sprints Upset Sunday

By: Princeton Athletic Communications
          Release: 05/16/2013
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Princeton will be looking to reach, and then win, Sunday's 5:30 gold medal final in the varsity eight.
Courtesy: Princeton Crew/Tom Nowak



Scott Tinsman knows what it’s like to be the underdog. One year earlier, in his first Eastern Sprints final, Tinsman was part of a varsity eight that was projected to finish off the medal podium.

That boat knocked off two higher-seeded teams, and it was less than a second away from a silver medal finish. Tinsman, along with several teammates who will be making their Sprints debut this weekend, will be hoping for an even better finish this Sunday at the 2013 EARC Championships.

“We weren’t suppose to medal last year at sprints in the 1V if you looked at rankings, but we stayed confident in each other and knew we were a strong and fast boat,” Tinsman said. “I think that we are doing better than last year. Our boat is confident. The young guys just have to believe in themselves and the boat, and everything else will take care of itself.”

There should be added belief after a terrific season finale, when the Tigers knocked off the then-third ranked Columbia Lions on Lake Carnegie.

“The win over Columbia was important for us because it helped verify that the changes in our boat increased our speed and it is giving us confidence that we can go out and do something really great this coming weekend,” Tinsman said. “You don’t want to go into a race doubting yourself or your boat’s ability.”

The varsity eight will now be the third seed and will compete in the 12 pm heat with Yale, Dartmouth, Penn and Navy for one of the three spots in the 5:30 grand final, where Princeton would be competing for its 17th Sprints title. Despite it having a number of underclassmen making their 1V debut, head coach Marty Crotty knows there will be heightened emotions in every seat — experienced or otherwise.

“For some guys, this is their last Sprints, for some it is their first, and for some it’s their first in a higher level boat,” he said. “You will get different sets of emotions, regardless of being a favorite or underdog. Frankly, we’ve really been focused on getting the most out of our respective crews. We haven’t talked about who is the favorite.”

Realistically, there isn’t much need to talk about it. Reigning champion Harvard is unbeaten and the top seed, and the Crimson beat both second-seeded Yale and third-seeded Princeton three weeks ago in the Goldthwait Cup.

But Lightweight Sprints has historically been something of a free-for-all, and Princeton feels like it has done the work to be part of that frenzy in those final 2,000 meters.

“We have been working a lot on being together and setting a good rhythm,” Tinsman said. “Three big focuses are sharp catches, legs down, and hands away all being together. The boat has been very focused but we must remain relaxed at the same time. You must be relaxed in the boat to be able to get a full stroke.”

While the Ivy League championship will go to the winner of the 1V final on Lake Quinsigamond, Crotty has made it clear that he want the Jope Cup team championship to be part of the focus as well. The Princeton 2V is third seed and will compete in a 10:24 am heat, while the freshman eight is the fourth seed and will first race at 9:24.

“The Jope Cup is a real possibility,” Crotty said. “Some of the work we’ve done and the speed we have shown in training puts us near the front of the field at every level. But doing it on Lake Carnegie and doing it with Jope Cup points on the line is a different story. That’s the big challenge,
having each crew get it right on the same day.”


1V • Heat #2 at 12 pm (3 to final) • Grand Final at 5:30 pm
Heat (Lanes 1-5): Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth, Penn, Navy

2V • Heat #2 at 10:24 am (3 to final) • Grand Final at 3:36 pm
Heat (Lanes 1-5): Cornell, Princeton, Navy, MIT, Georgetown

1F • Heat #1 at 9:24 am (3 to final) • Grand Final at 2:36 pm
Heat (Lanes 1-4): Penn, Princeton, Harvard, Navy

3V • Heat #2 at 8:38 am (3 to final) • Grand Final at 1:36 pm
Heat (Lanes 1-4): Navy, Harvard, Princeton, MIT

3V4 • Grand Final at 8:06 am
Final (Lanes 1-4): Cornell, Navy, Princeton, Georgetown, Penn


Varsity Eight (6-3, 2-3 Ivy)
March 23: Princeton 6:26.2, Navy 6:35.4
March 30: Princeton 6:08.8, Georgetown 6:16.4
April 13: Cornell 5:39.3, Princeton 5:42.7
April 20: Princeton 5:32.4, Penn 5:38.4, Georgetown 5:44.2
April 27: Harvard 5:51.0, Yale 5:52.4, Princeton 5:57.0
May 4: Princeton 6:00.1, Columbia 6:02.8, Delaware 6:07.6

Second Varsity Eight (7-2, 3-2 Ivy)
March 23: Princeton 6:22.4, Navy 6:34.0
March 30: Princeton 6:25.1, Georgetown 6:47.0
April 13: Cornell 5:49.0, Princeton 5:51.5
April 20: Princeton 5:40.2, Penn 5:46.3, Georgetown 5:55.1
April 27: Harvard 6:04.0, Princeton 6:07.4, Yale 6:10.9
May 4: Princeton 6:07.9, Columbia 6:12.3, Delaware 6:20.0

Third Varsity Eight (3-5, 2-3 Ivy)
March 23: Navy 6:44.9, Princeton 6:57.0
March 30: Princeton 6:41.5, Georgetown 6:47.0
April 13: Cornell 6:05.9, Princeton 6:10.9
April 20: Princeton 5:54.0, Penn 2F 6:09.4
April 27: Harvard 6:15.2, Yale 6:20.7, Princeton 6:23.1
May 4: Columbia 6:22.6, Princeton 6:28.6, Delaware 2F 6:39.0

Freshman Eight (5-3, 1-3 Ivy)
March 23: Princeton 6:27.2, Navy 6:30.9
March 30: Princeton 6:21.1, Georgetown 6:33.3
April 13: Cornell 5:59.1, Princeton 6:07.2
April 20: Penn 5:30.4, Princeton 5:38.1, Georgetown 5:47.5
April 27: Yale 6:10.3, Princeton 6:12.3, Harvard 6:14.6
May 4: Princeton 6:19.9, Delaware 6:22.5







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