Princeton University Office of Athletic Communications

RECRUITING NOTE: Please contact the coaches directly regarding recruiting. Contact information can be found on the staff directory page.

Jerry Price
Senior Associate Director of Athletics
Sport contact for: men’s lacrosse

Craig Sachson
Assistant Director of Athletics, Communications
Sport contact for: football, m/w squash, m/w volleyball, m/w swimming and diving, wrestling, m/w rowing

Ben Badua
Assistant Director of Athletic Communications
Sport contact for: women’s basketball, field hockey, baseball, m/w water polo, sprint football

Andrew Borders
Assistant Director of Athletic Communications
Sport contact for: men’s basketball, women’s soccer, softball, m/w fencing, m/w golf, m/w tennis

Kristy McNeil
Assistant Director of Athletic Communications
Sport contact for: m/w hockey, women’s lacrosse, men’s soccer, m/w track and field, m/w cross country

Yariv Amir
Assistant Director of Athletics, Marketing

John Bullis
Assistant Director of Athletic Multimedia and Production

Beverly Schaefer
Staff Photographer