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Staff Directory
Courtesy: Princeton Athletic Communications
          Release: 03/12/2014
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Princeton University Department of Athletics
Telephone and E-Mail Directory
General Information
Mailing Address:
Princeton University
Building (Jadwin Gym, Baker Rink or Dillon Gym)
Princeton, NJ 08544

Jadwin Gymnasium Fax: 609-258-4477
Dillon Gymnasium Fax: 609-258-2490
Baker Rink Fax: 609-258-6676

Any questions regarding your GoPrincetonTigers.tv account can be sent to fansupport@jumptvinc.com or 877-967-3267.

Baseball Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Scott Bradley, The Robert H.B. Baldwin '42 Head Coach of Baseball 258-5059 tigerbaseball@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Lloyd Brewer, Assistant Coach 258-5684 lbrewer@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Hank Coogan, Assistant Coach 258-5684 hcoogan@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Jeremy Meccage, Volunteer Assistant Coach 258-5684 tigerbaseball@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Men's Basketball Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Mitch Henderson, The Franklin C. Cappon-Edward C. Green Head Coach of Men's Basketball 258-3512   Jadwin Gym
Brian Earl, Assistant Coach 258-2388 bwearl@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Marcus Jenkins, Assistant Coach 258-8669 mgjenkin@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Brett MacConnell, Assistant Coach 258-2459 bm10@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Ben Botts, Basketball Ops 258-3512 bbotts@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Women's Basketball Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Courtney Banghart, Head Coach 258-2721 banghart@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Milena Flores, Assistant Coach 258-5088 milenaf@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Megan Griffith, Assistant Coach 258-3309 mg4@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Tyler Cordell, Basketball Ops 258-3106 tcordell@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Crew - Men's Lightweight Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Marty Crotty, Head Coach 258-5179 mmcrotty@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Bill Manning, Assistant Coach 258-5179


Dillon Gym
Dan Thompson, Volunteer Assistant Coach 258-5179 dt4@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Steve Hujber, Rigger 258-3550 theebink@princeton.edu Boathouse
Tom Heebink, Boathouse Administrator 258-2380 shujber@princeton.edu  Boathouse
Crew - Men's Heavyweight Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Greg Hughes, Head Coach 258-5356 gchughes@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Spencer Washburn, Assistant Coach 258-5356 swashbur@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Nick D'Antoni, Intern Assistant Coach 258-5356 ndantoni@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Keanan Clark, Volunteer Assistant Coach 258-5356 kjclark@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Tom Heebink, Boathouse Administrator 258-2380 theebink@princeton.edu Boathouse
Steve Hujber, Rigger 258-3550 shujber@princeton.edu  Boathouse
Crew - Women's Lightweight Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Paul Rassam, Head Coach 258-2402 zprassam@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Hank Zimmerman, Volunteer Assistant Coach   ahz@princeton.edu  Dillon Gym 
Tom Heebink, Boathouse Administrator 258-2380 theebink@princeton.edu Boathouse
Steve Hujber, Rigger 258-3550 shujber@princeton.edu  Boathouse
Crew - Women's Open Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Lori Dauphiny, Head Coach 258-6373 dauphiny@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Kate Maxim, Assistant Coach 258-6373 kmaxim@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Steve Coppola, Assistant Coach 258-6373 scoppola@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Tom Heebink, Boathouse Administrator 258-2380 theebink@princeton.edu  
Steve Hujber, Rigger 258-3550 shujber@princeton.edu Boathouse
Cross Country - Men's Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Jason Vigilante, Head Coach 258-3526 jasonv@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Michael Henderson, Track Operations 258-2457 mh15@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Cross Country - Women's Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Peter Farrell, Head Coach 258-3522 pfarrell@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Brian Mondschein, Assistant Coach 258-1231 bm11@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Michael Henderson, Track Operations 258-2457 mh15@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Fencing Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Zoltan Dudas, Head Coach 258-3519 zdudas@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Hristo Hristov, Assistant Coach 258-9304 hhristov@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Szilvia Voros, Assistant Coach 258-9304 svoros@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Field Hockey Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Kristen Holmes-Winn, Head Coach 258-4976 kh@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Melisa Meccage, Assistant Coach 258-3859 mmeccage@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
David Williamson, Assistant Coach 258-3859 dw9@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Michael Pallister, Volunteer Coach 258-3859   Dillon Gym
Football Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Bob Surace, The Charles W. Caldwell '25 Head Coach of Football 258-3514 football@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Mike Cerullo, Football Operations 258-3515 mcerullo@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Stacie Traube, Office Support 258-3514 straube@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Andrew Aurich, Special Teams Coordinator and Tight Ends Coach 258-0128 aaurich@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Sean Gleeson, Assistant Coach 258-0127 sgleeson@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Dennis Goldman, Wide Receiver Coach 258-0129 dennisg@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Trevor Powers, Assistant Coach 258-5062 trevorp@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Stephen Thomas, Assistant Coach 258-3547 st7@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Ed Morrissey, Offensive Line Coach and Assistant to the Head Coach 258-3549 em4@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
James Perry, Offensive Coordinator 258-3516 jp2@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
James Salgado, Co-Defensive Coordinator 258-3546 jsalgado@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Steve Verbit, Associate Head Coach for Administration and Co-Defensive Coordinator 258-3548 verbit@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Golf - Men's Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Will Green, The J. Stuart Francis '74 Head Coach of Men's Golf 258-1972 golf@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Dick Hunt, Volunteer Assistant Coach
Golf - Women's Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Nicki Cutler, Head Coach 258-1636 ncutler@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Ice Hockey - Men's Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Robert Prier, Head Coach 258-6616 bprier@princeton.edu Baker Rink
Scott Garrow, Assistant Coach 258-3366 sgarrow@princeton.edu Baker Rink
Greg Gardner, Assistant Coach 258-5170 gg2@princeton.edu Baker Rink
Mari Price, Office Support 258-5763 marip@princeton.edu Baker Rink
Ice Hockey - Women's Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Jeff Kampersal, Head Coach 258-5975 jkampy@princeton.edu Baker Rink
Cara Morey, Assistant Coach 258-1557 cmorey@princeton.edu Baker Rink
Lee J. Mirasolo, Assistant Coach 258-6497 mirasolo@princeton.edu Baker Rink
John Zdunkiewicz, Volunteer Assistant 258-1557 jzdunkie@princeton.edu Baker Rink
Mari Price, Office Support 258-5763 marip@princeton.edu  
Lacrosse - Men's Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Chris Bates, Head Coach 258-4978 cbates@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
John Walker, Assistant Coach 258-4978 jw25@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Matt Madalon, Assistant Coach 258-4978 mmadalon@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Brad Conlon, Assistant Coach 258-4978 bconlon@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Sandee Moore, Office Assistant 258-9742 sm5@princeton.edu Dillon Gym 
Lacrosse - Women's Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Chris Sailer, Head Coach 258-6489 wlax@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Jenn Cook, Assistant Coach 258-2382 jc30@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Anne Murray, Assistant Coach 258-2382 aemurray@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Sandee Moore, Office Assistant 258-9742 sm5@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Soccer - Men's Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Jim Barlow, Head Coach 258-4977 jimbarlo@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Steve Totten, Assistant Coach 258-2438 stotten@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Jesse Marsch, Assistant Coach     Dillon Gym
Tom Moffat, Volunteer Assistant Coach 258-2438  tmoffat@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Soccer - Women's Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Julie Shackford, Head Coach 258-5092 wsoccer@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Esmeralda Negron, Assistant Coach 258-4921 enegron@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Ron Celestin, Assistant Coach 258-4921 celestin@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Julio Vacacela, Volunteer Assistant Coach 258-4921   Dillon Gym
Softball Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Lisa Sweeney, Head Coach 258-2289 lsweeney@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Jennifer Lapicki, Assistant Coach 258-4669 jlapicki@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Sprint Football Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Sean Morey, Head Coach 258-1312 seanjm@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Sean Greig, Assistant Coach 258-1501 sgreig@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Squash - Men's Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Sean Wilkinson, Head Coach 258-3886 sw12@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Neil Pomphrey, Assistant Coach 258-3886 pomphrey@pppl.gov Jadwin Gym
Squash - Women's Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Gail Ramsay, Head Coach 258-5089 ramsay@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Gavin Johnstone-Butcher, Assistant Coach 258-5089 gjohnsto@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Swimming and Diving - Men's Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Rob Orr, Head Swimming Coach 258-3544 orr@princeton.edu DeNunzio Pool
Mitch Dalton, Assistant Coach 258-1140 mitchd@princeton.edu DeNunzio Pool
Miles Cava, Volunteer Assistant Coach 258-1140   DeNunzio Pool
Greg Gunn, Head Diving Coach 258-2733 glgunn@princeton.edu DeNunzio Pool
Swimming and Diving - Women's Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Susan Teeter, Head Swimming Coach 258-3562 teeter@princeton.edu DeNunzio Pool
Suzanne Yee, Assistant Coach 258-3722 syee@princeton.edu DeNunzio Pool
Greg Gunn, Head Diving Coach 258-2733 glgunn@princeton.edu  
Brent Matheson, Volunteer Assistant Coach 258-2733   DeNunzio Pool
Tennis - Men's Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Billy Pate, Head Coach 258-6990 bpate@princeton.edu Lenz Center
Ryan Keckley, Cornelia Drake and John Van Ryn Jr. '28 Assistant Coach 258-6991 rkeckley@princeton.edu Lenz Center
Dorian Rolston, Volunteer Assistant Coach 258-6991 drolston@princeton.edu  
Tennis - Women's Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Laura Granville, Head Coach 258-5087 granville@princeton.edu Lenz Center
Marisa Lambropoulos, Cornelia Drake and John Van Ryn Jr. '28 Assistant Coach 258-7068 marisal@princeton.edu Lenz Center
Track and Field - Men's Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Fred Samara, The William M. Weaver Jr. '34 Head Coach of Men's Track & Field 258-5007 samara@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Jason Vigilante, Assistant Coach 258-3526 jasonv@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Marc Anderson, Assistant Coach   rmanders@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Robert Abdullah, Volunteer Assistant Coach   rabdulla@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Justin Frick, Volunteer Assistant Coach   jfrick@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Michael Henderson, Track Ops 258-2457 mh15@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Track and Field - Women's      
Peter Farrell, Head Coach 258-3522 pfarrell@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Brian Mondschein, Assistant Coach 258-1231 bm11@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym 
Thomas Harrington, Assistant Coach 258-1231 tharring@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym 
Roman Feldman, Volunteer Assistant Coach   rfeldman@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Michael Henderson, Track Ops 258-2457 mh15@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Volleyball - Women's Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Sabrina King, Head Coach 258-3532 sking@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Sam Shweisky, Assistant Coach 258-9016 shweisky@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Abra Amwake, Volunteer Assistant Coach      Dillon Gym
Bori May, Volunteer Assistant Coach 258-3532  bmay@princeton.edu  Dillon Gym
Volleyball - Men's Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Sam Shweisky, Head Coach 258-9016 shweisky@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Paul Kadlubowski, Volunteer Assistant Coach      
Michael Vajo, Volunteer Assistant Coach      
Mike Adams, Volunteer Assistant Coach      
Water Polo Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Luis Nicolao, Head Coach 258-1847 nicolao@princeton.edu DeNunzio Pool
Derek Ellingson, Assistant Coach 258-2625 dellings@princeton.edu DeNunzio Pool
Momir Ivetic, Volunteer Assistant Coach 258-2625 mivetic@princeton.edu DeNunzio Pool
Wrestling Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Chris Ayres, Head Coach 258-2197 cayres@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Sean Gray, Assistant Coach 258-5447 seangray@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Joe Dubuque, Assistant Coach 258-5248 jdubuque@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Joe Jamison, Volunteer Assistant Coach 258-2197 jmjamiso@princeton.edu  Jadwin Gym
Administration Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Gary Walters, The Ford Family Director of Athletics 258-3535 walters@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Kim Meszaros, Executive Assistant 258-3535 kimmie@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Anthony Archbald, Executive Associate Director of Athletics 258-4948


Jadwin Gym
Chris Brock, Senior Associate Director of Athletics/Finance and Administration 258-5073 cbrock@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Allison Rich, Sr. Assoc. Director of Athletics/Compliance, Campus Relations & S-A Welfare 258-3751 arich1@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
David Leach, Senior Associate Director of Athletics/Campus Recreation 258-6605 dleach@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Jerry Price, Senior Associate Director of Athletics/Athletic Communications 258-3569 jprice@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Jeff Graydon, Senior Associate Director of Athletics/Facilities 258-1892 jgraydon@princeton.edu Baker Rink
Kellie Staples, Associate Director of Athletics/Princeton Varsity Club 258-6696 kgale@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Karen Malec, Associate Director of Athletics/Event Operations 258-3521 kmalec@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Kelly Widener, Assistant Director of Athletics/Compliance 258-5312 kw2@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Brad Pottieger, Manager of Intercollegiate Programming 258-0062 btp@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Pete Carril, Special Assistant To The Director of Athletics     Jadwin Gym
Aquatics Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Greg Paczkowski, Assistant Director of Athletics/Facilities & Aquatics 258-1801 gpaczkow@princeton.edu DeNunzio Pool
Kaitlin Naudts, Aquatics Coordinator, Programming 258-7849 knaudts@princeton.edu DeNunzio Pool
Aaron Ostroff, Aquatics Coordinator, Facilities   aostroff@princeton.edu DeNunzio Pool
Mike McLaughlin, Aquatics Assistant 258-4967 mmclaugh@princeton.edu DeNunzio Pool
Athletic Communications Phone (609) E-Mail Location
For recruiting questions, please contact coaches directly.      
Jerry Price, Senior Associate Director of Athletics
Sport contact for: Men's Lacrosse
258-3569 jprice@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Craig Sachson, Assistant Director of Athletics, Communications
Sport contact for: Football, M&W Squash, M&W Volleyball, M&W Swimming & Diving, Wrestling, M&W Crew
258-3680 sachson@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Diana Chamorro, Assistant Director of Athletic Communications
Sport contact for: Field Hockey, Women's Basketball, Baseball, M&W Water Polo, Sprint Football
258-2630 dcham@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Andrew Borders, Assistant Director of Athletic Communications Sport contact for: Men's Basketball, Women's Soccer, Softball, M&W Golf, M&W Tennis, M&W Fencing
258-5744 aborders@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Kristy McNeil, Assistant Director of Athletic Communications
Sport contact for:
M&W Ice Hockey, Women's Lacrosse, Men's Soccer, M&W Track & Field, M&W Cross Country
258-5655 mcneil@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Yariv Amir, Assistant Director of Athletics, Marketing 258-5701 yamir@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
John Bullis, Assistant Director of Athletic Multimedia and Production
258- jbullis@princeton.edu Jadwin
PVC Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Kellie Staples, Associate Director of Athletics 258-6696 kgale@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Carolyn Cooper, Assistant Director of the Princeton Varsity Club 258-6695 cac5@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Diana Dreyfus, Assistant Director, Capital Giving - Athletics Friends Groups 258-8665 ddreyfus@princeton.edu Helm Bldg.
Athletic Training Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Margot Putukian, Director of Athletic Medicine 258-3527 putukian@princeton.edu Caldwell Fieldhouse
Charlie Thompson, Head Athletic Trainer 258-3527 cthompso@princeton.edu Caldwell Fieldhouse
Mike Arce, Athletic Trainer 258-3527 marce@princeton.edu Caldwell Fieldhouse
John Furtado, Athletic Trainer 258-3527 jfurtado@princeton.edu Caldwell Fieldhouse
Shelby Hoppis, Athletic Trainer 258-3527 shoppis@princeton.edu Caldwell Fieldhouse
Dan Jarvis, Athletic Trainer 258-3527 djjarvis@princeton.edu Caldwell Fieldhouse
Mischa Jemionek, Athletic Trainer 258-3527 jemionek@princeton.edu
Caldwell Fieldhouse
Casey Maxwell, Athletic Trainer 258-3537 cmaxwell@princeton.edu Caldwell Fieldhouse
George O'Neil, Athletic Trainer 258-3527 gdoneil@princeton.edu Caldwell Fieldhouse
Michelle Quinn, Athletic Trainer 258-3527 mq2@princeton.edu Caldwell Fieldhouse
Jodi Schneider, Athletic Trainer 258-3527


Caldwell Fieldhouse
Natalie Senese, Athletic Trainer 258-3527 nsenese@princeton.edu Caldwell Fieldhouse
Russ Steves, Athletic Trainer 258-3527 rgsteves@princeton.edu Caldwell Fieldhouse
      Caldwell Fieldhouse
Business Administration Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Chris Brock, Senior Associate Director of Athletics/Finance and Administration 258-5073 cbrock@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Ryan Yurko, Assistant Director of Athletics/Finance and Administration 258-6996 ryurko@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Jon Kurian, Assistant Director of Athletics/Business Operations 258-3530 kurian@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Jessica Guerriero, Assistant Manager of Business Operations 258-3537 jg20@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Brendan Van Ackeren, Assistant Manager of Business and Ticket Operations 258-3594 backeren@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Campus Recreation Phone (609) E-Mail Location
David Leach, Senior Associate Director of Athletics, Campus Recreation 258-6605 dleach@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Jessica Ward, Assistant Director of Campus Recreation/Programming 258-0880 jessward@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Mary Beth Dittrich, Campus Recreation Assistant 258-1567 dittrich@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Mitchell Reum, Assistant Director of Campus Recreation/Sport Clubs 258-5620 mreum@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Dan Bennett, Assistant Director of Campus Recreation/Facilities 258-3525 dbenn@princeton.edu  Dillon Gym
Mark Rosenthal, Dillon Gym Supervisor 258-1647 mrosent@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Mike Mix, Evening Supervisor 258-1647 mmix@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Matt Brzycki, Asst. Dir. of Campus Recreation/Fitness 258-3520 brzycki@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Kara Nitti, Coordinator of Recreational Programming 258-2634 knitti@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Colt Murphy, Dillon Gym Supervisor, Morning 258-3520 clmurphy@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Andrew Brown, Dillon Gym Supervisor, Evening 258-3520 ab14@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Brian Monsen, Assistant Director, Campus Recreation Business Operations 258-8549 bmonsen@princeton.edu Dillon Gym
Compliance Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Allison Rich, Senior Associate Director of Athletics  258-3751 arich1@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Kelly Widener, Assistant Director of Athletics 258-5312 kw2@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Nancy Donigan, Compliance Assistant 258-2705 ndonigan@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Equipment Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Clif Perry, Equipment Manager 258-3513 cliftonp@princeton.edu Caldwell Fieldhouse
Gary Mosley, Assistant Equipment Manager 258-3528 gmosley@princeton.edu Caldwell Fieldhouse
Gary Audet, Assistant Equipment Manager 258-3528 gaudet@princeton.edu Caldwell Fieldhouse
Event Operations Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Karen Malec, Associate Director of Athletics, Event Operations 258-3521 kmalec@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Michael Doto, Manager, Event Operations 258-9039 doto@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Facilities Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Jeff Graydon, Senior Associate Director of Athletics 258-1892 jgraydon@princeton.edu Baker Rink
Greg Paczkowski, Assistant Director of Athletics/Facilities & Aquatics 258-1801 gpaczkow@princeton.edu DeNunzio Pool
Brad Cabral, Grounds Crew Foreman 258-3517 cabral@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Marcus Allen, Grounds Crew 258-3517 marcusa@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Garfield Brown, Grounds Crew 258-3517 gbrown@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Matt Conti, Grounds Crew 258-3517 mattyc@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Jay Hulick, Grounds Crew 258-3517 jhulick@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Jozef Lavko, Grounds Crew 258-3517 jlavko@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Paul Merrow, Grounds Crew 258-3517 pmerrow@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Elysee Nicolas, Grounds Crew 258-3517 enicolas@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Jim Ogden, Grounds Crew 258-3517 jogden@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
David Santoro, Jadwin Gym Supervisor 258-5057 ds7@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Information Technology Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Bryan Fitzwater, Information Technology Support 258-9066 bfitzwat@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Strength and Conditioning Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Jason Gallucci, Assistant Director of Athletics/Varsity Strength & Conditioning Coach 258-3524 jgg109@princeton.edu Princeton Stadium
Angie Brambley Moyer, Assistant Varsity Strength Coach 258-3524 brambley@princeton.edu Princeton Stadium
James DeVincenzi, Assistant Varsity Strength Coach 258-6776 jdevince@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Daniel Raimondi, Assistant Varsity Strength Coach 258-6776  raimondi@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Ticket Office (for tickets call 258-4TIX or go to www.goprincetontigers.com) Phone (609) E-Mail Location
Stephanie Sutton, Director of Ticket Operations 258-3541 steffton@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Clare Baxter, Ticket Office Assistant 258-5063 cbaxter@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym
Dee Vertucci, Ticket Office Assistant 258-5063 vertucci@princeton.edu Jadwin Gym


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