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Men's Golf Wins First, Waits on First Day at Ivy Tournament

By: Princeton Athletic Communications
          Release: 10/20/2012
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Greg Jarmas won both his matches Saturday.
Courtesy: Princeton Athletic Communications

The Princeton men's golf team started its play at the Ivy Tournament at the TPC at Jasna Polana in Princeton Saturday with the win and was on the verge of another when darkness halted play.

The Tigers opened by winning four and tying one match against Cornell in the eight-team bracket, and Princeton had two wins over Brown in the semifinal when play was suspended. Princeton is assured of at least a tie in two of the halted three matches and leads in the other.

Once the suspended Princeton-Brown and Harvard-Cornell matches finish after their 7:30 a.m. start Sunday, the final day of play will begin at 8 a.m. In the tournament final, Dartmouth will face the Princeton-Brown winner for the title, while Penn will face the Cornell-Harvard winner for the consolation title. The "composite team," made up of five players from Brown, Penn, Harvard, Princeton and Yale to complete the eight-team field, will face the Harvard-Cornell loser, and Yale will face the Princeton-Brown loser.

Complete results are below.

First round:

Brown def. Harvard, 3-2
Justin Miller (Brown) def. Michael Lai (Harvard), 6&5
Un Cho (Harvard) def. J.D. Ardell (Brown), 3&2
Rohan Ramnath (Harvard) def. Jack Wilson (Brown), 4&3
Peter Callas (Brown) def. Akash Mirchandani (Harvard), 5&4
Nelson Hargrove (Brown) def. Theo Lederhausen (Harvard), 1 up

Princeton def. Cornell, 4-0-1
Joseph D'Amato (Prin) def. Brandon Eng (Cornell), 4&3
Nicholas Ricci (Prin) def. Zack Bosse (Cornell), 4&3
Quinn Prchal (Prin) def. Max Koehler (Cornell), 2&1
Greg Jarmas (Prin) def. Craig Esposito (Cornell), 2&1
Bernie D'Amato (Prin) tied Carl Schimenti (Cornell)

Dartmouth def. Penn, 3-2
Austin Powell (Penn) def. Dylan Rusk (Dartmouth), 6&4
Joey Maziar (Dartmouth) def. Colin St. Maxens (Penn), 7&5
Charles Cai (Dartmouth) def. Ben Cooley (Penn), 1 up
Charlie Edler (Dartmouth) def. P.J. Fielding (Penn), 1 up
Max Marsico (Penn) def. James Pleat (Dartmouth), 1 up

Yale def. composite team, 3-2
Michael Lewis-Goldman (Yale) tied Jack Mylott (Brown)
Joe Willis (Yale) def. Patrick O'Leary (Penn), 6&5
William Davenport (Yale) tied Kevin McCarthy (Harvard)
Sam Bernstein (Yale) def. Matt Gerber (Prin), 5&3
Bradley Kushner (Yale) def. Thomas Greenhalgh (Yale), 5&4

Second round:

Harvard vs. Cornell (suspended)
Brandon Eng (Cor) def. Michael Lai (Harvard), 3&2
Zack Bosse (Cornell) leads Un Cho (Harvard) by 1 hole through 17
Rohan Ramnath (Harvard) leads Max Koehler (Cornell) by 2 holes through 16
Craig Esposito (Cornell) leads Akash Mirchandani (Harvard) by 1 hole through 15
Theo Lederhausen (Harvard) leads Carl Schimenti (Cornell) by 1 hole through 15

Penn def. composite team 5-0
Max Marsico (Penn) def. Thomas Greenhalgh (Yale), 7&5
P.J. Fielding (Penn) def. Matt Gerber (Prin), 3&2
Ben Cooley (Penn) def. Kevin McCarthy (Harvard), 3&1
Colin St. Maxens (Penn) def. Patrick O'Leary (Penn), 6&5
Austin Powell (Penn) def. Jack Mylott (Brown), 5&4

Dartmouth def. Yale 3-2
Dylan Rusk (Dartmouth) def. Michael Lewis-Goldman (Yale), 4&3
Joe Willis (Yale) def. Joey Maziar (Dartmouth), 6&5
Charles Cai (Dartmouth) def. William Davenport (Yale), 1up
Sam Bernstein (Yale) def. Charlie Edler (Dartmouth), 4&3
James Pleat (Dartmouth) def. Bradley Kushner (Yale), 4&3

Princeton vs. Brown (suspended)
Greg Jarmas (Prin) def. Peter Callas (Brown), 7&6
Nicholas Ricci (Prin) def. J.D. Ardell (Brown), 5&4
Joseph D'Amato (Prin) tied with Justin Miller (Brown) through 18
Quinn Prchal (Prin) leads Jack Wilson (Brown) by 1 through 17
Bernie D'Amato (Prin) leads Nelson Hargrove (Brown) by 2 through 16.







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