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Women's Basketball Blog From Overseas - Day 1

By: Princeton Athletic Communications
          Release: 09/02/2011
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Courtesy: Princeton Athletic Communications

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Day 1 (September 2)

Bonjour from Paris! It's been a whirlwind already. We left JFK at 7 p.m., and arrived in Paris at 8 a.m., so to our bodies it was just 2 a.m., with the six-hour time difference.

We wasted no time getting started. We freshened up a bit and hit the road for a tour of the city with our tour guides Tom and Isaac.

We saw the Opera National de Paris, the Louvre, stopped to get photos at the Eiffel Tower, drove down the Champs Elysee and around the Arc de Triumph, saw Napolean's Tomb, the building the White House was modeled after, and made a stop so we could explore Notre Dame and the surrounding area.

During this time the jetlag started to really take effect and we were ready to head to our hotel the Marriott River Gauche to check in. The rooms are somewhat typical of a Marriott, but the size of the rooms and beds is very European.

We took a much needed power nap and then rode the Metro to dinner in Saint-Michel's square. After dinner we took a cruise on the River Siene. It was amazing to see the uniqueness of all of the bridges, and re-familiarize ourselves with the sights that we passed earlier that day.

Q & A with Junior Megan Bowen

What did you do during our red eye flight from NYC to Paris?

I slept for just two hours because Lauren Edwards wanted to sprawl across three seats, including mine. I watched Something Borrowed, which was really good. And I ate a lot.

What was the favorite part of Day 1 for you?

The boat tour. It was awesome to seeing the sights we saw earlier in the day, but from a different perspective. And it was a relaxing way to end the day.

What was the best thing you ate today?

The crème brule at dinner. It was the first time I ever had crème brule and having it in Paris is ideal.

What surprised you most about Paris?

That I was comparing it with cities in the States. It's just like any city but its older and has so much history.

What was your favorite landmark we visted today?

The Eiffel Tower at night, when it sparkled on the hour every hour.







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